Follow these easy guidelines to instantly preview Cengage textbooks, or provide purchasing options for your students.

How to preview Cengage textbooks

  • Search the entire catalogue of Cengage teaching and learning resources at au.cengage.com/all-disciplines
  • When you find a title you are interested in, look for the Google Preview button. Click or tap the button to see the detailed Table of Contents and a sample chapter, so you can assess its suitability for your course – instantly, without login
Google preview
How your students can purchase Cengage textbooks

  • In Fiji, students at The University of the South Pacific can purchase their prescribed textbooks from the USP Book Centre
  • For most other countries, students can purchase their Cengage textbooks with free delivery from Book Depository
  • Students can purchase an eBook version of their textbook at cengage.com (Australian dollar pricing)

How your institution can purchase for your students

  • To buy a bulk set of textbooks (class set, book for every student) refer to Queensland Textbook Warehouse
  • To buy eBook codes (one for every student) email your Cengage learning consultant (minimum quantity 30)

Your Cengage learning consultant: