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Coronavirus Information and Support

We’re monitoring the impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus on campuses around the world. If your institution has been affected and is experiencing campus closure, suspension of classes or is moving to online teaching & learning
the following should help:

Desktop Wallpaper Planner

We hope to brighten your day by sharing some wallpapers to keep track of things as classes transition to digital.

As Your Needs Change...We're Here to Help

Find out how we can help support student access to course materials this term and provide assistance during the shift to online teaching.
Strategies for Quickly Transitioning Courses to Online

Hear fellow instructor, Shawn Orr's ready-to-use strategies for keeping students engaged and focused in a virtual learning environment.

Quick Guides for Instructors
We've asked experienced online instructors for their tips and best practices to help you shift to online learning as seamlessly as possible:
Assessing Students Online

Get tips and tricks for effective and accurate student assessment in online classes.

Organizing Your Online Course

Hear from a Cengage Faculty Partner as she shares best practices to help you organize online courses.

Creating Effective Online Discussions
Gather Peer-tested best practices for creating online discussions to engage your students.
Communicating with Students Online

Gain strategies you can use to communicate effectively with your students online.

Moving Lectures Online

Learn useful techiniques for shifting lectures online from seasoned digital instructors.

This page will be continually updated with resources for transitioning to online teaching.

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