The New Learning Economy by Jeff Selingo

Jeff Selingo Whitepaper

Today’s students need more than a high GPA to be career ready. As the working world transforms, employers are demanding more from colleges and universities when it comes to providing learners with job-related skills.

The New Learning Economy whitepaper by Jeff Selingo addresses and answers questions that higher ed leaders need to consider:

  • Why is higher education out of sync with today’s job market, and how can it align?
  • What are key strategies institutions need to put in place for this New Learning Economy?
  • How can higher ed leaders shift the mindset of their campuses to better serve new learners?

While every educational path toward the New Learning Economy will be different, this whitepaper offers a practical guide to all higher ed leaders. Institutions can use the approaches outlined to compete in the always-on learning landscape and meet the demands of the modern workforce.

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